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Book '100 x Tour of Flanders'
19.95 € 19.95 € 19.95 EUR
Writer = Rik Vanwalleghem
Book '50 ways to cycle the world' Belén Castello
39.95 € 39.95 € 39.95 EUR
50 Ways to Cycle the World is the kind of coffee table book you'd give to a friend or family member who's considering to cycle somewhere in the world, but feels that there's too many obstacles to overcome. 50 Ways incapsulates fifty unique cycling projects, by 75 cyclists from 23 countries. It serves as the ultimate visual guide and encyclopedia to traveling by bicycle no matter your personal situation. You'll find impressive, powerful, emotional and incredibly fun stories on almost every page, accompanied by the beautiful and inspiring photography shot all over our planet by the many cyclists who've shared their riding stories.
Book 'Belgische regenbogen' Benno Wauters
39.99 € 39.99 € 39.99 EUR
Benno Wauters, the son of the lamented Jan, tells the story of those 27 Belgian rainbows. The three of Merckx and Van Steenbergen, the two of Maertens, Van Looy, Schotte and Ronsse. And all the other Belgians who were allowed to adorn themselves with the most beautiful of the cycling jerseys. Beautiful stories, retold by the living world champions, illustrated with unique photography. Bundled, heroic cycling history in blue, red, black, yellow and green.
Book 'Bistro Belge'
25.00 € 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
In Belgium, if you look hard enough, you can still find dozens of restaurants where time seems to have stood still. These places really deserve to be cherished, because they are witnesses of the past, with an interior that has hardly been touched for decades. And because they offer a taste of the cooking of olden days: hearty food, with straightforward and pure flavours. In Bistro Belge, Toni De Coninck tells the story of these establishments, and of the people who work there. He visited restaurants all over Belgium, from West-Flanders ('t Hommelhof in Watou) to Namur (Lesse Capade in Resteigne), and from Limburg (Tante ( Auntie ) Julia in Stevoort) to Brussels (Vert de Gris). He learned all there is to know about the history of these places and the families who run them, and also gathered some recipes of speciality dishes that for generations have been prepared in the exact same way. The photos in this book complement the texts; they immerge the reader into the warmheartedness that is so typical of the Belgian culinary heritage.
Book 'Blijven proberen'
16.95 € 16.95 € 16.95 EUR
I would love to learn to ride a bike, but I'm way too scared. What if I fall? What if I hurt myself? And what if I can do it? What if I become the best cyclist of all time?

A recognizable picture book about falling and getting up again. For brave go-getters from the age of 4.
Book 'Boerke Bijbel nr 2'
29.95 € 29.95 € 29.95 EUR
After the first Boerke Bible and five themed albums with the most unfortunate farmer in the world, part two of the Boerke Bible will be published at the end of November 2020. Boerke Bijbel 2 bundles almost 200 page jokes that have not previously appeared in album form, and that were pre-published weekly in Knack Focus in Flanders. Boerke is the universal loser.
Book 'Cycling Hotspots'
29.99 € 29.99 € 29.990000000000002 EUR
Do you choose Mallorca, the island where cyclists flock in spring to grind training kilometers in favorable weather conditions, or rather Le Bourg-d'Oisans in the French Alps, the perfect base to climb large Alpine cols such as Croix de Fer, Galibier and Alpe d'Huez? Do you stay close to home in Oudenaarde or would you rather explore the trendy cycling hubs Girona or Cesenatico?
Book 'Cycling in the great war'
19.99 € 19.99 € 19.990000000000002 EUR
On June 28, 1914, two shots rang out almost simultaneously. In Paris the twelfth Tour de France starts, in Sarajevo the Austrian crown prince Franz Ferdinand is shot dead. Professional cycling comes to a halt, but the first stars of the bike continue to race.
Book 'De Fiets'
17.95 € 17.95 € 17.95 EUR
Do you want to know everything about the bike? What did the first bike look like? How many types of bikes are there? How do you choose the right bike? Which sports can you do on the bike? Who are the most famous cyclists? These and many other questions are answered in this book. You will also find nice verses, a large fold-out page, a mini quiz and you will learn how to stick a band. An informative picture book for children from 4 years old about what you can need every day, namely the bicycle.
Book 'De Val'
22.50 € 22.50 € 22.5 EUR
Five guys meet by chance over the course of a few years, because all five of them know one goal: the race. One by one, they aspire to a career as a professional cyclist. On the towpath along the Scheldt, from Ghent to Oudenaarde, they train together. Iljo Keisse, Wouter Weylandt, Dimitri De Fauw, Bert De Backer and Kurt Hovelijnck. They are young, virile, popular, and indeed make it to professional cycling. But life turns out to be harder than the dream.
Book 'De Vlaamse Ardennen, een drone-beeld'
29.95 € 29.95 € 29.95 EUR
A photo and textbook with drone images of 16 municipalities in the Flemish Ardennes region. These images were made by journalist Peter Malaise, born and raised in Kluisbergen. He went around with a drone to take pictures of village views and landscapes.
Book 'De bidon van De Ronde'
9.95 € 9.95 € 9.950000000000001 EUR
How wonderful it is to (re)experience the iconic moments from the Tour with your grand (child)! The Bottle of the Tour of Flanders is the very first booklet that was written for young (from 2 years) and old (up to 109 years). By looking for the water bottle on each print, your (grand)child playfully discovers the most important moments during the Tour.
Book 'De heuvels van de Ronde'
29.95 € 29.95 € 29.95 EUR
In this unique photo book you can capture the beauty of the tour route. The result? Atmospheric recordings of the Flemish Ardennes, combined with original interviews with Stijn Vandenbergh, Dries Devenyns, Michel Wuyts and Peter Van Petegem, among others.
Book 'De koers is een vrouw'
29.99 € 29.99 € 29.990000000000002 EUR
More and more women have been infected by the racing virus. In 2017, some 411,971 women watched the Tour of Flanders and women's cycling is also gaining prestige thanks to cyclists such as Jolien D'hoore and Marianne Vos. In De koersis een vrouw Eva De Poorter and Angélique Dupré tell countless stories from the belly of the peloton, what fascinates them so much about cycling, what the difference is between a spring classic and a Tour ride and how to decipher the peloton jargon.
Book 'De wonderjaren van Mathieu'
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
With a brilliant performance in the Amstel Gold Race, Mathieu van der Poel catapulted himself to the international top of cycling on 21 April 2019. The young Dutchman was already riding a strong spring, but with the victory in the Dutch classic he put the icing on the cake with a lot of verve. More than the victory itself, it was the way it made the mouths fall open. Van der Poel ruled on the Limburg slopes as few did before him.
Book 'De wonderjaren van Wout'
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
Friday 19 July 2019 was the 'nine-eleven' of the Flemish cycling enthusiasts: they all remember where they were when wout van Aert's tour de France, which started so excellently, brutally stopped. The horror trap in Pau and the terrible wound on the right thigh made all supporters' hearts shrink. Did the dream of an exceptional cycling career fall apart here? That turned out to be outside the character and the almost unlimited physical possibilities of the Kempenaar.
Book 'Der Rudy'
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
In the 1980 Tour de France, the powerful Belgian Rudy Pevenage takes the yellow jersey and manages to hold on to it for nine days. Eventually he has to give up the yellow but drives to Paris in green. 'Der Rudy' is the book about the man from Geraardsbergen, formerly a rider in the margins but who suddenly becomes fodder for the press because of his yellow and green jersey.
Book 'Fausto Coppi'
19.95 € 19.95 € 19.95 EUR
the special story of 'un uomo solo', his triumphs on the bike, the tragedy of his fame, the rivalry with a champion like Bartali, his forbidden love with the 'White Lady' and his tragic death. Fausto Coppi is a true legend.
Book 'Fietsen langs het water in Vlaanderen'
25.99 € 25.99 € 25.990000000000002 EUR
Along the way you want to see quite a bit as a cyclist. And Cycling along the water in Flanders responds to this. For this Knooppunter cycling guide, PATRICK CORNILLIE and WARD VAN LOOCK visited the waterfront and mapped out 30 ready-made routes along cycling junctions, each with a long and a short route.
Book 'Groot Fietsboek Vlaanderen'
25.99 € 25.99 € 25.990000000000002 EUR
50 ready-made bicycle loops plotted over the widely acclaimed Flemish bicycle junction networks. Ideal for a safe family tour.
With a unique code you have unlimited access to detailed information about each route in your bike book on for 2 years. The downloadable roadbooks and cycling maps always display the most up-to-date situation.
Special attention to cool stops: authentic cafes, inviting terraces, bicycle-friendly inns...