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Unique team building with aluminium goats and carbon steed.

Aluminium goats and carbon steers are the protagonists in this unforgettable teambuilding. Sporty legs discover the beautiful Flemish Ardennes by bike, their teammates set off in pursuit in a nostalgic 2CV. With various joint assignments along the way, it will be a battle between the teams to obtain the coveted Flandrien Trophy. Whose team leader will complete the teamwork superbly?

n this concept, the participants move in different ways, but they are part of one team. The cars need the cyclists, and vice versa. In the full-day formula, the participants can change their means of transport in the afternoon.


Aantal personen 16-36 37-76 77-120 >120
Halve dag €100 €95 €90 op aanvraag
Volledige dag (inclusief lunch) €170 €160 €150 op aanvraag



Bicycle escort by two-time world champion Johan Museeuw: €1,000

Bicycle rental: €60

Closing meal in Peloton Café: various formulas possible.

Ask about the possibilities without obligation.

Wagen: halve dag (€175 excl. BTW) volledige dag (€235 excl. BTW), bevat: huur wagen + huur Ipad + spelcredits

(*) These prices are calculated on an equal division between the number of cyclists and the number of participants in a 2CV. If this ratio changes, this will have an impact on the price. If there are more cyclists, the price will decrease, if extra cars are needed, the price will increase slightly.


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